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NAFBM Board of Directors

NAFBM Board meets quarterly at the Norton Regional Event Center located at 1601 E 3rd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92408. All meetings are open to the public. Call the museum for the next date and time.


President: Mike Parkerson
Vice President: Gil Vanegas
Treasurer: Jane Sneddon
Secretary: Jo Ann Webb
Advisor: Catherine Pritchett

Members at Large:  Chuck Jojola, Billy Mitchell, Bill Vest

Mike Parkerson - President

Mike Parkerson is a veteran of the US Marine Corp.  During his military career, he had the opportunity to interface often with the Norton AFB Aero Port Team as he delivered pallets of equipment and supplies for airdropping from the C-141 aircraft found at Norton. After the military, Mike entered the retail automotive parts industry for 22 years. This experience coupled with his current position as a Manager with a nationally known corporation compliments and rounds out the talents that comprise the Norton AFB Board of Directors.

Gil Vanegas - Vice President

Gilbert "Gil" Vanegas held concurrent Military and Civilian successful careers in the United States Air Force: First on Active Duty and Reservist culminating as a Chief Master Sergeant serving in the Aircraft Maintenance Career Field, and in the Civil Service in the field of Logistics with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from which he retired as a Logistics Manager.

His career included a stint as an Air Reserve Technician (ART) in Aircraft Maintenance where he helped organize the "Reserve Associate Program". This complex concept was pioneered at Norton Air Force Base, under which its main component is the integration of Active Duty personnel, Reservists, Civil Service, and ARTs doing the same job: Maintaining the C-141 Aircraft which resulted in increased flying hours in support of global missions.


As a Reservist, he was recalled to active duty on numerous occasions to do special projects for periods of time consisting of days, months, and years, as in the case of his 2-year special assignment to Howard Air Force in Panama, under the Southern Command. His work as the Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent of "Volant Oak" and its mission of providing support to the Latin American Embassy Run, the War on Drugs, and Humanitarian flights with C-130s resulted in Gil receiving the Army Joint Service Commendation Medal, a rare decoration for Airmen.

Gil is most proud of the fact that at Norton Air Force Base he held positions while on Active Duty, a Reservist, ART, and Civil Service; and needless to say, Norton has a special place in his mind and heart.


Upon retiring, he formally organized a successful Notary, Tax Preparation/Consulting business in San Bernardino. He strongly believes in paying back to society what the Air Force has given him, serving the community as a volunteer non-paid tax preparer for Veterans and the Elderly.



Jane Sneddon - Treasurer

Jane was born and raised in San Bernardino. The doors of her family home were always open to Norton AFB personnel who could not make it home for the holidays. She has many fond memories of interacting with people who were stationed there.


Jane left for college in Wyoming and she and her daughter eventually returned to San Bernardino. Since returning to San Bernardino, she became actively involved in community affairs. She has developed a network of contacts in the city through her participation in various organizations such as Route 66 Rendezvous, the San Bernardino Bicentennial Committee, and various other organizations in the city.


Jane’s goal for the Museum is that it will tell the story of the many people who so honorably served there and the important things that they accomplished during the lifetime of the base. She feels the story of Norton AFB is an important part of the history of our valley.  


Jo Ann Webb - Secretary

Jo Ann was invited to attend the first community meeting, in 2012, when Bob Edwards shared with the public plans to create the NAFB Museum.   Recently retired from the San Bernardino Convention and Visitors Bureau, she knew how important the former base had been to the city of San Bernardino and the surrounding area.    She was soon involved in the planning process and has served as the board Secretary for a number of years. 

Jo Ann said it is an honor to be a volunteer and have the opportunity to be of service to veterans, their families, and the community.

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