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Updated January 3, 2018


"To preserve, honor and promote the history of the Norton Air Force Base"


The Non-Profit Norton AFB Museum is now 1 year young (as of March 2014), and continues to seek donations and contributions of past Norton AFB days and of its personnel, military and civilian. Most if not all "Nortonites" have memorabilia collected and saved of their time while at the Base. Not being able to take this "stuff" with you on your next assignment, the Museum would be happy to take your "stuff" stored from under the bed, in the closet or in the rafters and use it to help tell the colorful story of Norton AFB and its history. We encourage you to contact the Museum. We would be happy to talk with you about your "stuff" and its donation to the Museum.


Located within the former yet completely remodeled and renovated NCO Club Building, the Norton AFB Museum has continually been improved and grown into a most noteworthy attraction within the Inland Empire. Our Museum is handicapped accessible and welcomes guests of all ages. The 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group Memorial is also located just outside the Museum and it too is ever expanding and improving as those who still serve or have served our military are remembered. There is also a small gift shop located within the Museum.

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