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November 21, 2017, Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors`  Officers presenting a “very nice Thanksgiving Donation” to Mr. Mike Heim, V/P & Administrator for Mary’s Mercy Center, Inc, in support of the Center’s work with homeless veterans. The funds were donations from the docents of the Norton AFB Museum and the 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group  members along with donations from guests of the Museum. (Pictured Lt – Rt: Mike Parkerson, V/P, Bob Edwards, President, Mike Heim, Jane Sneddon, Treas, and Gil Vanegas, Secretary.)

December 21, 2017  The Teams from the Norton AFB Museum and the 63rd / 445th Norton Vets Group provided a “TON of TOYS” supporting the San Bernardino County Fire Dept with their Spark of Love Toy Drive.

December 14, 2017  Norton Board of Directors Host Their Annual Christmas Dinner and Gift Exchange. Dinner was held at the Mill Creek Steak House In Mentone CA. 

SBD Air Show 2017

Norton AFB Museum Visits The Yearly Redlands CA Alta Vista Credit Union Car Show Sept 22, 2017

What's New At the Veterans Memorial



-- Model 2 –




The Federal Model 2 Outdoor Warning Siren was omnidirectional siren that is capable of producing high intensity warning signals over a large area. Federal provided mounting hardware that enabled the user to install a siren on a utility pole or on the roof of a building.  As a result, the siren can be installed in almost any situation. The high efficiency of this siren enables it to produce a high sound level while making a moderate demand on the power source.


The Model 2 Siren is a 104dB siren that is available in single tone and duel tone Civil Defense Models. The Model 2 siren mechanism is enclosed in a sheet metal housing. A conical dome is mounted on top of the housing and two truncated conical cowls are attached to the housing, approximately one-third and two-thirds along the height of the housing. Screens are installed across the openings in the housing to prevent obstructions from entering the unit.


All of the vertical sirens are capable of providing a sustained signal. And a wailing signal. The steady signal is frequently used as a Civil Defense “Alert” signal. The wailing signal is often used as a Civil Defense “Attack”. However, the signal can be used for any desired indication.




Norton AFB’s Sentinel of the Cold War

Today there are two pre Cold War relics remaining at the former Norton AFB (now San Bernardino Int’l Airport) in San Bernardino CA.  One has been relocated to the Norton AFB Museum’s Veteran’s Memorial exhibit area.  Known as a civil defense air-raid siren, these two signaling devices were originally designed to warn the populist of Norton AFB of impending aerial attack after WW II. They were part of much greater national military and civilian civil defense system to alert of a pending attack throughout the United States.  Some may remember the scheduled testing of the alert system when in school as you practiced getting under your desks (duck and cover) drills. However, after the War ended and the Cold War cooled, many of these sirens outside the military environment, became the signaling device for inclement weather (tornadoes), or they were just abandoned in place. Most if not all of the military sirens were also abandoned or are used today to augment the civilian inclement weather notification systems. In our continuing effort to capture the history of Norton AFB, we are excited to take position of this Sentinel of Norton’s history in May of 2016 and had it installed at its current location in March 2017.  We removed about 12 feet of the original mast and in the effort to discourage climbing the mast, we have removed the climbing stirrups and work platform that was located at the top of mast.  (March 2017)


Look “What’s New” at the Norton AFB Museum (NAFBM)

Another interesting and historic snapshot of yesteryear in the A/F has recently accented the Norton AFB Museum. A giant in A/F aviation history and early flight testing, Brig General Chuck Yeager is now a featured display. The NAFBM is ever changing and improving. You are invited to visit the Museum and learn more about the history of Norton Air Force Base. Many facts you were probably unfamiliar with, are now on display.

The Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors are Recognized

The City of San Bernardino formally recognized the Board of Directors of the Norton AFB Museum on April 17th by Mayor Carey Davis and the City Council Members at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting.  Fifth Ward Councilman Henry Nickel sponsored this award which included the recognition of the Board as a team and also each member individually as the City’s Citizens of the Month for their volunteer work and dedication towards the Norton AFB Museum.

The Board Members are: Robert M. Edwards (Bob), President, Michael Parkerson (Mike) Vice President, Gilbert Vanegas (Gil), Secretary, Jane Sneddon, Treasurer, R.C. Grant, Member, Gary Jacobs, Member, Tom Killough, Member, Art La Mothe, Member, Billie Mitchell, Member, Bonnie Seath, Member, Robert Turner, Member. (Members in BOLD were in attendance at the presentation).



What’s New at the Norton AFB Museum’s Veteran’s Memorial Area

From what began as an idea, then matured into a project for the Norton AFB Museum’s Veterans Memorial, a big hole in the ground was step one.  The “can-do” facilities crew at the San Bernardino Int’l Airport stepped up to help the NAFBM and met the challenge to make this idea a reality.  Hand digging a hole half-way to China to form the base, then pouring the foundation and installing mounting plate was next. While this was underway, others were slightly modifying the mast to ensure no one would try to climb it by removing the stirrups and maintenance platform at the top of the mast. Then the mast and siren came, ever-so slowly, moving into position via a big forklift and on the second attempt, it was installed and bolted securely to the foundation. Today we have yet another sentinel in the Veteran’s Memorial Area reflecting another time of long ago in the history of Norton AFB. It was first installed (one of two), to alert the population of Norton AFB in the late 40’s / early 50’s of impending aerial attack in the event of a war. As the Cold War cooled, many of these warning sirens were abandoned in place throughout the USAF and in many cities in the USA. A reminder of days gone by, today this Federal Signal Corp’s Air Raid Siren has taken its place as part of the history of Norton AFB. Perhaps you remember the “testing” of the siren on Fridays at noon.

(Pictured: SBIA’s Facilities Crew of; Mr. Robert Spry, Fleet Supervisor, Mr. Frankie Manzo, Fleet Mechanic, and Mr. Randy McGrew, Fleet Mechanic on forklift)  

Another birthday celebration at the Norton AFB Museum for one of the long time docents, Paul M.

Paul was enjoying blowing out all the candles on his huge B-Day Cake.

Coming Soon to the Norton AFB Museum outdoor Memorial Display.

Can you guess what it is??


Norton AFB Museum’s 4th Anniversary

The Norton AFB Museum has reached yet another milestone.  April 1st the Board of Directors will host the Museum’s 4th Anniversary of being open to the public. Planned is a parking lot gala featuring the talented local Lindy Sisters who highlight the 30’s 40’s & 50’s songs made popular by the Andrews Sisters.  Also this year is the very popular Little Mountain Big Band from San Bernardino featuring a selection of tunes from yesteryear and today. There will also be displays of all types, military trucks, vintage cars, and a great raffle of super prizes. As always, this event is free and open to the public. Parking is also free.

When:           April 01, 2017

Time:            11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where:          Norton AFB Museum, 1601 E. 3rd St. San Bernardino, 92408 (Corner of 3rd & Del Rosa)


More Information:    Call: (909) 382-7307 or (909) 936-8484


Inside the classroom…

The staff of the Norton AFB Museum maintains their currency training in CPR & Basic First Aid.  Refresher training is conducted every two years was for the entire staff in February 2017 in two sessions.  Training was conducted by CPR & More of Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Our Friends, Sponsors and the public are invited to help us celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the NAFBM being open on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. Headliner attraction will be the return of the ever popular Lindy Sisters who will sing and entertain our guests. Admission will be free for this parking lot celebration. Additional information and details will be published as they become available

The Norton AFB Museum continued to grow and record the history of Norton AFB.

Combat Camera — tool of the trade — opens at Norton AFB


A very nice story by  By Michel Nolan, The Sun

The NAFBM was invited to participate in the Yucaipa’s Market Night Friday Sept 11 as part of their salute to the Military.

M-37, 1952 Dodge ¾ Ton 4 Wheel Drive Pick-up with a ¾ Ton Trailer

NAFBM booth setup

M-37 along with WC-21, 1941 Dodge ½ Ton 4 Wheel Drive Pick-up with front mounted wench

The team from NAFBM replaces the worn US and CA flags at SBIA.


(Steve Coleman, NAFBM Board V/P, Jim Bardaro, NAFBM Board Member, Tom Fogarty, NAFBM Volunteer, and Bobbi Coleman, NAFBM Volunteer.)

The Norton AFB Museum with the 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group prepares to participate in the Redlands CA July 4th 2015 Parade with the Museum’s “new yet old” military trucks that will be used in car shows, parades and special events.

Photos courtesy of Bob Edwards, President of the NAFB Museum Board of Directors.

M-37, 1952 ¾ Ton Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 pick-up with ¾ Ton Trailer, followed by a WC-21 1942 ½ Ton Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 Pick-up Truck.

Gail Edwards, having fun riding in WC-21 Truck in the parade

WC-21 1942 ½ Ton Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 Pick-up Truck being readied for the parade.

M-37, 1952 ¾ Ton Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 pick-up with ¾ Ton Trailer and straw-bales for seating.

Past Norton AFB Flight Nurse Beth Johnson and husband readying to ride the M-37 in the parade.

The Great Race 2015 from St Louis to Santa Monica CA driving the original Route 66 with 110 vintage cars, pauses in San Bernardino CA on June 27, 2015 for the night. Part of the festivities was a fabulous pre-1980’s car show of countless vehicles and motorcycles of all types. Additionally, there was a Veterans Parade of veterans and their military vehicles. The Norton AFB Museum had three entries of their new acquired 1942 WC-21 Truck, their 1952 M-37 Truck and trailer, and a 1943 Willis Jeep and trailer all giving rides to the veterans of the Museum and from the 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group and their family members.

Photos courtesy of Bob Edwards, President of the NAFB Museum Board of Directors.

1943 Willis Jeep and trailer belonging to Gil Vanegas, CMSgt USAFR (Ret).

M-37 Truck and Willis Jeep on display in San Bernardino Ca during the Great Race events.

WC-21 Truck on display in San Bernardino during the Great Race events.

Mr. Richard B. Hanna, age 91, Distinguished WW II Marine Veteran, and Gil Vanegas CMSgt USAFR (Ret).

Part of the Norton AFB Museum Team during the festivities of the Great Race before the Veterans Parade.

The other part of the Norton AFB Museum Team during the festivities of the Great Race before the Veterans Parade.

Mr. Mario Montecino (green shirt) Retired US Army Veteran and President of the San Bernardino Military Museum.

“The addition and placement of a section of the Berlin Wall”

Work began July 01, 2014 and was completed July 27, 2014.  It complements the Veterans Memorial Area of the Norton AFB Museum.

Photos courtesy of Bob Edwards, President of the NAFB Museum Board of Directors.

Cheap labor detail of volunteers preparing the foundation for the wall

The result of their labor = the foundation slab.

Arrival of the Berlin Wall Section = 7,500 lbs.

Big Lift onto the slab.

The Berlin Wall at its new home.

The finished project.

The Veterans Memorial Area depicting the Vets Monument and the Berlin Wall

 The Leland Norton Memorial Plaque Placement


June 2015

Photos courtesy of Bob Edwards, Director of the NAFB Museum

Adding the Big Rock with the Norton Plaque that was at the 63rd MAW HQ Bld when the base closed. The Stater Brother’s Corp saved the rock & plaque, stored it for 20 yrs then donated it to the NAFBM Vets Memorial Area.

The rock less the plaque in storage at the Stater Bros maintenance lot.

The big lift (5,500 lbs) into place in the memorial area.

Two NAFBM Board Members trying to fool everyone they really did something other than watch.

All levels of the Stater Brother’s Team helped set the rock in place

Some of the NAFBM & Stater Brother’s team who assisted in the rock and plaque placement.

The Capt Leland Norton Memorial Plaque relocated to the NAFBM Vets Memorial Area.

Norton Air Force Base Museum to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary


The Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors and volunteers are hosting a celebration on Saturday, March 21 from 12:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Norton AFB Museum located at 1601 E. 3rd Street in San Bernardino to celebrate the Museum’s 2ndAnniversary.    


The event, being organized by the Norton Air Force Base Museum, will include remarks from distinguished local dignitaries, live music by the Smoke’N-Hot Lindy Sisters, the Famous Riverside Concert Band with their Swing Band, gourmet food trucks, raffle prizes and guided tours of the Museum and the Norton Veteran’ Monument. 


The Museum is looking for organizations, businesses and individuals interested in participating at this event.   Participation may include sponsorships, donations, setting up a booth to promote your organization or providing items for live raffle.  


Come and join in the fun for all ages and help the Norton Air Force Base Museum celebrate its 2nd year! For more information, please visit the Museums website at or contact Bob Edwards, President of the Norton AFB Museum at (909) 936-8484 or email


NAFBM 2nd Anniversary Event Flyer
NAFBM 2nd Anniversary.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [472.9 KB]

The Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors is proud to announce their upcoming 2nd Anniversary Event which will be held March 21st in the Museum Parking lot.

Proceeding start at 12:00 Noon. Location: 1601 E.3rd Street, SBIAP, S/B. Admission is FREE to this Non-Profit event yet donations are accepted.


Notable guest speakers include:


1) Honorable Assemblyman Marc Steinworth, Ca 40th District                    Confirmed

2) Honorable S/B County Supervisor Josie Gonzales, 5th District                Confirmed

3) Honorable S/B City Mayor Cary Davis                                                  Confirmed

4) Honorable S/B City Councilwoman Virginia Marquez, 1st Ward               Confirmed

5) Mr. Mark Gibbs, Deputy Director of Aviation SBIA                                 Confirmed


Rules: Long winded speakers with short speeches!


Entertainment includes:


          The very popular Smoke’in Hot Lindy Sisters (Returning from last year)

          The renown Riverside Concert Band with their Swing Band too (new for this year)

(Note: Dancing will be optional)



Expected Displays:


          Corvette Car Club

          Custom Cars

          Antique Cars

          Military Vehicles

          Stater’s Truck


Informational Booths



          Raffled Donated Gifts



          Various Food Trucks


Please see attached flyer.


Questions? Please contact the Norton AFB Museum




The Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors is proud to present the 6th in their ongoing series of “An Evening at the Museum” . The Museum will open Wednesday, February 4th 2015 at 6:00 p.m. for touring the Museum and the outdoor Veterans Memorial Area including the newest addition of a section of the Berlin Wall. Following, the auditorium opens at 7:00 p.m. for seating. Limited seating will be on a first come first seated basis. Our guest speaker is Major General David Post, USAFR, (Ret). General Post will begin the evenings presentation at 7:30 p.m. and share the story of the 445th Military Airlift Wing (MAW) with focus on its teaming with the 63rd MAW while stationed at the former Norton AFB prior to its closure. Guests will learn how this A/F Reserve (associate) Wing blended with the 63rd and absorbed their portion of the A/F global airlift and logistics mission supported by Norton AFB. Additionally their contributions to the greater Inland Empire will also be highlighted. There is no admission fee to the non-profit museum, although donations and contributions are welcome to help defray operating costs. However, at the Evening’s Presentation, a minimum $5.00 donation per person is requested. As always, convenient ample free parking is provided.





The Norton AFB Museum Board of Directors extends a welcome to all our Friends, Sponsors and Guests to their2nd Anniversary Party of being open to the public. Saturday, March 21st, 2015 is the date. Headlining the party will again be the very popular Lindy Sisters who will sing their way into your hearts as well as the Riverside Concert Band will play for your enjoyment. (Dancing optional). The usual short speeches from long-winded speakers, car shows, specialty vehicles, food trucks, and varying displays of interest are expected. Admission is free and ample parking is provided. However, donations and contributions are encouraged and welcomed by the non-profit Norton AFB Museum to help defray operating costs. You are also reminded to watch this “site” for additional details and updates as they become available, or contact the Museum.

February 04, 2015, Evening at the Museum, Guest speaker Major General David J Post, USAF (Res) Ret, Topic The 445th MAW at Norton AFB

March 21, 2015, NAFBM Second Anniversary, featuring the Lindy Sisters and the Riverside CA Concert Band & Swing Band. Details to follow.

63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group along with the Norton AFB Museum’s Picnic held Saturday, Oct 25th 2014 at the American Legion Post 421, Highland CA.

2013 Spark of Love NAFBM & NVG

2013 NVG Thanksgiving Vets Helping Vets

The Norton AFB Museum and the 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group participated in the Redlands CA. Nov 11, 2013 Veterans Day Parade.

Please watch this site for upcoming details for our next event.

Volunteers and Docents needed!  


Do you want to volunteer your time at the NAFBM on Thursdays & Saturdays? Greet visitors, sell merchandise and tell your stories from Norton. You can be there a little...or a lot! 


Call us at (909) 382-7307 or email the NAFBM for details 


Bricks for sale 


The Veterans Monument is complete but the Norton Air Force Museum is continuing the sale of Memorial bricks to be placed around the monument.  Complete the attached form and return it to the Museum with a check of money order for $100  to reserve yours today!


Norton AFB Museum Brick Order Form
Please complete and return with a check, money order or cash.
Brick Order Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [20.6 KB]

Tell your Norton story...

Do you have Norton "stuff"? The Norton AFB Base Museum is looking for items to place on display to tell the story of the base and activies that occured. No item is too small! Museum doors are open Thursday and Saturdays from 10 am - 2 pm, or call (909) 382-7307 to arrange an alternate time.

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