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Norton AFB Museum Manages All The Flags at The San Bernardino Int’l Airport including Memorial Day May 30th 2016

In early 2015, the Director of Aviation for the San Bernardino Int’l Airport (Mr. Mark Gibbs) requested the Norton AFB Museum assume the responsibilities for the proper etiquette and maintenance of the US and CA flags displayed at the three locations at the airport.  The Museum Board of Directors and Docents were honored to undertake this humble tasking. The duties include in part, the raising and lowering (to/from half-staff), the flags as directed by the President of the United States.

Below, Board Members Gilbert Vanegas and Robert Turner, both USAF Ret. attend to the responsibility of lowering the flags at 06:00 AM and returning the flags to full staff at 12:00 PM on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016.

7/6/15 update

Photos courtesy of Bob Edwards, President of the NAFB Museum Board of Directors.

the American unserviceable flag depository box available to anyone to deposit unserviceable flags. Nov 20, 2014

The Box and some of the NAFBM staff members on Nov 22, 2014.    As of July 4th, 2015, the Museum has received over 100 flags to be formally retired

The S/B Chamber of Commerce class members with the NAFBM Staff Members on Nov 13, 2013

Memberships of the 5 surroundings Cities Chamber of Commerce.

NAFBM Board of Directors attending First Aid and CPR Class on August 11, 2014

One of four outdoor floor mats from the former NAFB.

EZ-Up used at various locations taking the Museum on the road to various events.

Boy Scout Jamberee class on basic aircraft controls. Took place Sept 27th 2014.

Museum items on display / show & tell at Boy Scout Jamberee  Took place Sept 27th 2014.

Norton AFB Museum / 63rd 445th Norton Veterans Group's 2014 Vets Helping Vets Project

The Norton AFB Museum teamed again this year with the 63rd / 445th Norton Veterans Group to provide 20 complete Thanksgiving Meals in their Vets Helping Vets yearly program for 2014. They were assisted by several young members from several schools in the community to build each of the boxes. The meals were given to veteran families who could use a little assistance this year at Thanksgiving. Additionally, 2 meal boxes were also provided to a local community kitchen who helps feed homeless veterans.

US Flag Disposal Service

The Norton AFB Museum is now offering a free service to the community by providing a means to dispose of unserviceable United States Flags.

The secure “Flag-Box” is located in front of the Museum and is available to receive flags 24/7. The public is welcome to deposit their unserviceable flags at any time.

Once a quantity of flags have been received, the Museum will work with the local American Legions to hold a formal ceremony to destroy the flags in accordance with the proper prescribed protocol. Questions should be directed to the Norton AFB Museum by calling (909) 382-7307 or by e-mail at nafbmuseum [at] .

Norton AFB Museum Supports the Boy Scouts

Sept 27, 2014

The Norton AFB Museum (NAFBM) was invited to join the Boy Scouts of America’s 2014 Scouts Jamboree held at the tranquil San Bernardino County Glenn Helen Park, held September. This event gave opportunities for the Scouts to work to achieve various Merit Badges in a verity of different subjects or skills. One of these badges was in the field of Aviation.

Representing the NAFBM was Mr. Steve Coleman (Ctr), Museum Board of Directors Vice President, Mr. Gary Jacobs (Rt), Board Member, and Mr. Paul Minert (Lt), Museum Docent.

Steve provided a crash course on the history of aviation, and the basic fundamentals of flight to include flight control identification and their operation during flight. 

Additionally this team also gave detailed instructions on the development, design, and construction (folding) of various kinds of futuristic paper airplanes, each designed for a specific purpose, longest flight, most acrobatic flight and just basic “will it fly”. 

Each design was judged for its flight characteristics.

After design and fabrication, it was time for preflight check, before take-off briefings, then flight testing. It was a learning experience for all that was fun too!

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